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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Terrible Twos

Well, we're here: The Terrible Twos. Our darling daughter, Elison, has learned the Power of No. She uses it like the tiny tyrant that she is. She has learned how to throw a tantrum that sends the cats scattering to the winds in about the space of time it takes a person to exhale. She frightens with her sudden outbursts of frustrated screaming as much as she enchants with her sudden smiles and kisses. 

Photo Booth time!
She has learned that she sometimes needs a "Time Out," and must sit on a chair until the timer goes off... usually set for one to two minutes. She nearly always apologizes after her time out is completed, if not before. She has actually requested to do a time out all on her own... which seems to defeat the purpose, but what the heck? We did it anyway, and she seemed to enjoy it. It hasn't reduced the power of the required time outs, either. 

Because of her emotional intensity and propensity for getting into trouble, I don't have time during the day to do much more than prepare for her next meal, our meals, some house cleaning (more to keep things safe and me sane around here) and watch a little self-indulgent TV. She occupies the rest of my time. I am just so grateful that she is still napping so I can shower and maybe read a little. It's nuts around here.

Needless to say, I love her dearly anyway! She makes me crazy, but she also makes me laugh, smile, giggle, and run around the house saying, "Boo!" She is learning to express herself better, though she still hasn't the words for, "Get out of my face, parents, I am melting down right now and nothing you can do or say will stop me." I think it will take another 11-12 years for her to learn to say that.

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