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Friday, March 28, 2014

Elie's Kitchen

For Christmas and her birthday, Elie got some kitchen playthings. She has been enjoying them very much! Then for Valentine's, her Nana got her some pretend veggies and foods in a basket, which she also loves to play with.

Before the paint job
Obviously, this girl needed a little kitchen! When we had to get a new carseat for her, it came in a box that was perfectly shaped for a little toddler's kitchen. So, we made a cabinet above the range, and fit it with a storage shelf inside, and put little pulls on the cabinet doors.

We also made an oven below the range, where the cats frequently spend time napping. Good thing it doesn't really work.

I just need to draw the stove range on again, since I painted over it with the blue spray paint. Keith still needs to install the handle for the oven door, too. Details, details! She's using it already, and has been for a while... It wasn't painted and she still loved it!

It's even better now that it's painted, though. She was very excited to see it all in blue. She's at that kitchen all the time, cooking up some delectable meals for herself and her critters!

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