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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Girls' Weekend!

Playing in the sun
Since Friday, Elie and I have been on our own... Keith went to South Carolina for the wedding reception of a good friend of his, who lives in South Africa. His fiancee, now wife, is from South Carolina, though, so they had a celebration there for her family, as well as his friends here. Keith, Kyle and Sara all drove down for the festivities, leaving Friday. They're still there because of a snow storm that hit the south. They had to stay the night last night in Harrisonburg, VA, because they could no longer drive in the blizzard. 

I thought it was going to be really difficult for me to be on my own with Elie, but as if sensing it, Elie has been almost a dream for me! Yesterday was the one exception... it was a tough night and morning for the both of us, but ended on a sweet note, at least.

She has somehow absorbed the meaning of "hugs and kisses," and if I ask her, I can get them from her. She suddenly started waving hello and goodbye again, after quite a while of not doing it. When we had FaceTimed with daddy, (video-phone call) she would kiss daddy's face on the phone and wave at him, though he couldn't always see her hand up in the air, when her face filled the screen! When I told her to say Hi to daddy for a photo, she would get a huge smile and wave for me. So sweet!

Hanging out in the attic
We played a lot... downstairs, where most of her toys are, and upstairs on the third floor, where she likes to look out the windows, rapping her fist on the glass when people walk past, and smooching the glass, too, lately. They're all fairly smudged from all the loving she sends through them! We even played outside on Friday, when the weather was in the 50's. While the sun was out, it was nice! When it disappeared, though, with the wind, it was too chilly, so we didn't stay out that long. Just long enough to be reminded that Spring is on it's way! Hooray!

She was eating pretty good for me, too! We had some fun meals, and some less fun meals, but all in all, she got enough food inside of her that I wasn't feeling too worried. She sometimes will give me hugs during meals if I don't put the tray in front of her, like at breakfasts... she just gets oatmeal mixed with yogurt and fruit, so I don't often give her the spoon. It's a bit messy. And that's when I get hugs, anyway! Also, I got her to try a Clementine today... she loved it when I peeled the skin off of the slices. Another fruit to add to her diet: YAY!

Looking devilish!
On Saturday, Diane came with us to swim class, so I got some photos and a video of Elie and I during her favorite activity: playing in water! She was so good! She doesn't mind her face getting wet, or going under water, so I don't have to worry about her being upset. We were next to Zeke, a little boy who kept splashing and kicking water with playful abandon, and even dumped water on his mom's head several times with a little pitcher. They get to choose toys from baskets at one point, and Elie chose a Dora doll, while Zeke got the pitcher. His mom was constantly doused, ha ha! Elie was splashed a lot, too, but she didn't mind. She flew down the water slide several times, quite happily! It was such an joy to be able to go to swim class with her. Her teacher, Miss Maggie, loves her. Elie is very comfortable with Miss Maggie, too, which makes it quite nice. I always wished I were as comfortable in water because I do LOVE to be in it. My swimming lessons weren't as enlightened as Elie's. I remember being pushed under water over and over again by the instructor. I hated swim classes and eventually refused to go.
Elie and Mama in the pool before class starts

Our little pumpkin goes under water without a worry in the world. She still doesn't like floating on her back, but if she's anything like her mom, she'll love that, too... And after swim class, we all went out for a Ladies' Lunch at Cosi... it was a lot of fun being social! Sadly, I don't think of it too often during the course of the day. They just kind of fly by.  

I know I've mentioned it before, but especially in light of the cold weather lately, I am REALLY looking forward to this summer! Elie is a lot more fun already, but this summer we'll get to play in her little pool out back and go to the park, and do all the outdoor things that she loves! Makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.... I hope you're all keeping warm wherever you are!


  1. This was a great post! Faye and I loved the pictures and commentary!

    Keep it coming!

    Hugs and kisses,


    1. Thanks, Dad! So glad you enjoyed it! I'll keep on posting... ;-)


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