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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mother-Daughter Bucket List

Inspired by this post, I wanted to create my own bucket list for Elie and I. I remember creating one back when I was in my mid-20's, though I don't know where it is anymore. Possibly still in a journal somewhere... but I'm SURE I've completed ALL the items on that list. Ha ha. Yeah.

The bucket list on Susan Merrill's blog was a great start, though we've already done a couple of the things on that list! We had a fun dance night and we got up early and watched the sunrise. 

Mother and daughter

Anyway.... Here is my Mother-Daughter bucket list for posterity. I can't lose THIS one, because it's now going to be public! I'll be able to find it and no excuses! (Many of the items on the list below will also be on a Family Bucket List.) Obviously, some of these things are better for her at younger ages, and others are better when she's older... though some of these things can be done at any time. I'll leave it up to serendipity for when we do these things.

  1. Develop a signature family recipe together
  2. Get in the car and drive somewhere spontaneous
  3. See a play together, on or off-Broadway - don't care, as long as we dress up for it!
  4. Take a mother-daughter trip abroad, or at least, off-continent 
  5. Bury a time capsule
  6. Be guerrilla artists for a day
  7. Work together in a shelter at Christmas time 
  8. Go on a hike together along part of the Appalachian Trail and also a trail in Yosemite
  9. Go on a day-long shopping trip to NYC
  10. Do a photography day together, somewhere beautiful
  11. Bake/make a fancy, decorated cake together for someone's birthday
  12. Have a spa day together, or go out for massages
  13. Plant a special garden together with our favorite plants & flowers
  14. Redecorate her room 
  15. Play in the rain together (she loves summer rain storms)
  16. Collect seashells together on a tropical beach, and build a sand castle together
  17. Visit an art museum
  18. Visit a natural history museum
  19. Take an art class together... pottery, glass-blowing, painting... whatever we decide
  20. Make a journal book together... I can teach her a coptic stitch
  21. Dress up and go out for a fancy French dinner together (something my best friend and I did on our birthdays when I lived in California!)
  22. Do each others' nails and give each other facials (my mom and I used to do this when I lived in California)
  23. See the monarch migration at one of their resting spots (Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, CA, is one spot)
  24. Do something my daughter has always wanted to do
  25. Do something I have always wanted to do
  26. Spend a winter afternoon looking at old photos and drinking hot chocolate or tea
  27. Have a Q&A session, where she can ask me questions about my life before her, and answer all her questions truthfully
  28. Go antiquing together in a cute little town
  29. Cook a nice meal for the family together
  30. Make paper dolls and their clothes together, like my mom & I used to do when I was little
  31. Make mud pies in the backyard in spring time (something else my mom & I did when I was very young)
  32. Explore a town together for a day
  33. Learn something new together... whatever we decide
  34. Spend an afternoon browsing a library
  35. Lay on our backs under the night sky, and look for shooting stars
  36. Ride on the carousel under the Eiffel Tower together
  37. Wander the streets of Venice, Paris, or London together
  38. Make a scrapbook together of all the activities we do!
Have you ever made a bucket list? Did you do any or all of the items on it? If you haven't done any yet, what's stopping you? 


  1. What a wonderful list! I'm bookmarking this so I can make my own list with my daughter. Such a great idea!

    1. Thank you, Sara! It was a lot of fun to come up with my list... and I'm really excited to get going on them!!


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