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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What A Day... And It's Still The Morning

Yesterday was a dreamy kind of day... Elie was in a great mood, being very loving and falling in line with our regular daily schedule. I was feeling like the luckiest mom in the world! Elie ate all her meals with joy, took all her naps on cue, and didn't cry once! She played independently, and also with me. Cuddly and cute.

Napping sweetly

Learning to use chopsticks at lunch

Doing a darned good job!

Playing with her glow worm
And then there's today. Which started extra early, and with a little bit of an attitude. It wasn't a big deal that she wouldn't finish her breakfast, though it's normally the easiest meal to feed her. She typically finishes it with no problem. Not today. Then she was especially clingy, wanting me to be at her side instead of doing dishes or cleaning up. Okay. I can deal with that... there have been other days like this, too.

Day before yesterday (had to share 'cause she was so cute)

Then came nap time. It was actually my fault... I usually nurse her and hold her until she falls asleep, or almost asleep... but I had to go to the bathroom, urgently! So I put her down before she was ready and she started to cry. I went to the bathroom, and heard her in her bedroom screaming. She didn't stop. For forty minutes. I watched her on the monitor as she cried, paced her crib, then threw her lovey onto the floor, making her cry even harder. She wasn't going to fall asleep this way. So after forty minutes, I tried to nurse her again and instead of getting sleepy, she seemed more awake. She kicked her feet around, grabbed at my face, kept trying to sit up... so I finally gave in and stopped "nap time" for the time being. I now have her downstairs, and it's 11:49 am, and she hasn't had a nap yet! She's actually finally calmed down, and is sitting down looking at her books. Earlier she had some kind of crazy energy, and was climbing onto the sofa, over my body, back down to the floor, and around again. And again. Until she slid and tripped herself up and fell, which caused a big cry.

Let's hope she goes down for her next nap quickly and easily... I have a bit of laundry to finish up, and I was hoping to take her to the grocery store today, but won't attempt it if she hasn't had a nap! That's just asking for a melt down! Wish me luck...

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  1. Good luck! I will be there tomorrow to give you some "Shari" time. And Elie and I will have our "Elie/Nana" time.��


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