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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten Special Things I Love About My Daughter...

1. She smiles or laughs after she sneezes... it's very cute to catch, especially when she doesn't know you're looking at her.

2. After she shrieks or yells at Beckham, she shushes herself. 

3. When she's caught doing something that she knows (or suspects) that she shouldn't, she vocalizes with "Ooo! Ooo!"

4. She sometimes puts her snacks on the floor, or table top, and eats them without hands... like a cat (or dog) but the funny thing is, our cats eat from their bowls!

5. She likes to walk around shaking her head, or rolling her head around, for no reason I can figure out. It's pretty cute and funny looking, too!

6. She gets the giggles before nap time, or bedtime, every now and then... and I tickle her and she laughs and laughs. She is so full of joy at times, and also can be very serious. But I especially love her silliness and joy!

Running around with my (clean!) underwear on her head. 
7. She suddenly decides to put things on her head, or over her whole body, and run around the house that way... I don't know where she gets this from! We don't act this silly on our own!

8. She also will spontaneously decide to kiss or lay her head on Jimothy Boo. And then she goes back to whatever she's doing, like nothing ever happened.

Loving Jimothy in her way

9. She walks around the house saying, "Mom? Je-Je! Foo-fa!" Meaning: Mom, my cat, my favorite show. This usually goes on quite a bit first thing in the morning after she wakes up and comes downstairs. She has recently added "Dad?" to the repertoire!

10. She will blow kisses at people that I talk to on the phone, when she hears me wrapping up the phone call... even before I actually say, "Good bye," because she can tell that the conversation is coming to a close! It's pretty amazing that she figures that out from my intonations because she couldn't possibly understand all the things I'm saying. She's very intuitive!

All the three photos above are from last night... at her uncle's birthday dinner, she was making faces at his girlfriend, Sara, whom she loves. She is a fun, silly little girl. She knows how to charm people when she wants to!

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